Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Process is L-O-N-G

We are working on our homestudy right now and I am just struck by all the paperwork involved right now. Truly, I am just impatient to have our child home already. In this process, it is more than worth the time spent on all the details, but I just want my child right now. I want questions of who he or she is answered. I just want the first meeting and to take my child home on the 30 hour plane ride and come HOME for good. Will we have a boy or girl? How old will they be? What will their smile be like? What little quirks will they have? What will I feel when I see him or her? What will parenting be like? I am ready, but of course, not really. Waiting waiting waiting. God please give John and I strength, wisdom and courage for this long process. I need Your peace.

1 comment:

  1. I know it seems like a long time right now, but you just wait until you have that child with you. The years fly by so fast. It seems like just a little while ago Fred and Alice got married when John was only 6!! Now look at him all grown up and married and waiting for his own child to come home!