Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25, 2010

So we are almost finished with our application, just waiting on a letter from our Dr and out it goes in the mail! I'm so anxious to "get this show on the road". Fundraising is a primary focus at this point, as well as soon preparing for the home study. My sister Melissa has been really helpful in the fundraising process and a big support, woot woot to you sister :) Also, my mom has been collecting cute nursery stuff for a while for me and gave it to me the other day, super special! There was even a blanket she made in jr high that we plan to use. Also, my dear friend Gabbee, who in the midst of being diagnosed with breast cancer and having a double masectomy, bought me my baby's first blanket and this wonderful baby book for adoptive families. These gifst are so encouraging, as it makes it feel real and I know I have the support of dear family and friends.

We feel we have been really on the learning curve for understanding how the process works, what to start to expect, time frames, and all that jazz. I have connected with a couple families who have adopted, one from Ethiopia specifically and that is really a good support. It's great to talk with adoptive families, because the information is so different and SO helpful. As this adventure is not one many people travel down, it can feel lonely and scary, so connecting with these people is a Godsend.

We had a great initial conversation with out consultant through CHI. She is a great lady who has adopted internationally three times and obviously has a passion for this. We talked for over an hour and discussed everything from qualification requirements to costs, to hair and skin care for our child, as well as what it is like to bring home your child. She is down to earth, encouraging, and practical for what we will face. She is clear on requirements, so we are not surprised and that everything goes right the first time. When the conversation ended, I felt like that had been a God moment and felt peace and excitment! God is good, all the time.

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