Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1, 2010

Not much is going on right now. We're just waiting for the dr.'s letter to come in the mail and then we're mailing out our application. I just want to document how much wait time there is. I know this will be the majority of what we do is simply wait, pray, and try to come up with and carry out fundraising ideas. It is in these times that I do alot of thinking and praying.

My big prayer right now is that we have the financial resources to fund this process. It's SOO expensive and that can be frustrating and daunting, especially in this economy. We are brainstorming and planning, so please keep this in your prayers. Just one thought of our child and what God is saving them from through this adoption keeps us more than fueled to keep going. God has good and big plans for us :)

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  1. The web site looks great Amy. This will be fun.