Saturday, October 16, 2010


There has been interest in how to support God's plan in this adoption process. Of, the biggest thing you can do is pray. We ask for prayer for our child and for our child's birth parents. Aids, starvation, and poverty cover Ethiopia like the plague. Please pray for protection for our child and his or her birth parents. Next, pray for wisdom in the process of paperwork, planning for being parents, and all the complicated steps we must go through. Honestly, it is extremely daunting and invasive, and only through God can we complete this process and bring home the child God has enstrusted to us.

Financially, we do need support. The cost of adoption is by no means inexpensive and we will realy on fundraising, creative thinking and action, and lots of hard work to bring home our child. Please know that whatever you give is needed and we are extremely grateful for it. You can go to our blog and donate through Paypal if you would like, and also we have two fundraisers set up on the blog. You can buy coffee from Ethiopia, Uganda, or Nicaragua and a portion for the sales go to our adoption. Also, my sister Melissa has designed some adorable adoption tshirts, onesies, and totes on the cafe press link on our blog. Check them out!

We are extremely grateful to you and feel your support.

Praise God!

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