Friday, October 15, 2010

Application Approved!

We received confirmation on Wednesday, October 13, that our application for adoption from Ethiopia has been approved! This is the first step in the long process we will journey on to bring home our child. We got the email from our consultant through CHI and in big caps in the title of the email it said APPLICATION WAS APPROVED BY CHI HOME OFFICE. I can't tell you how happy those words make us.
Just to clarify, there are MANY forms and processes to go through before we will truly be "approved". This is just the beginning. John spoke with the Ethiopian program director, who gave some follow up information and we will be receiving our next few steps of more specific directions. Next up is the adoption agreement, which by itself costs $900 and our home study. We also need to get our passports prepared, fingerprinting done, first-time parenting classes, online classes, and some other forms to fill out. After all that, we can start on our dossier (which is the paperwork that will go to Ethiopia!). It is time consuming, expensive, and we are simple in awe and humbled by God that He would choose to use us in this way.

If you would like to see more specifically that process and details of our adoption, you can go to Children's Hope International's website and click on the Ethiopian program.

Please keep us in your prayers, pray for the biological mother and father of our child, and for our child. I pray they are safe and that they find God.

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